Manderson Early Head Start

Teachers: Valentina Makes Him First, Maclay Ten Fingers,

Daily Activity Schedule:

07:30           Bus Run/Pick up Students
08:00           Staff at center
08:15           Children can be dropped off at the center
08:15           1. Health checks 2. Check diapers 3. Wash hands
08:30 - 09:00   Breakfast
09:00           Brush teeth, take older children to use the toilet if needed takes about 15 mins.
09:15           Children work on their activity
09:30           Check diapers/older children use the toilet/Outdoor & large motor activities
09:45           Teacher directed activities, Curriculum activities & Clean up.
10:15           Library time
11:15           Clean up and check on diapers/older children to use the toilet if needed

11:30 - 12:00   Lunch time/Family style meals

12:00           Brush teeth/check diapers/take older children to use the toilet if needed
12:15 - 02:00   Nap time
02:00           Wake up children from nap time/check their diapers/take the older children to the toilet
02:15           Snack time/clean up and get ready to go home.
02:30           Get on the bus to go home.