Head Start Administration


Janice Richards

Phone: 605-455-6117 Fax: 605-455-6116

Email: jrichards@olc.edu

Education and Disablities Coordinator

Cindy Fisher

Phone:605-455-6126 Fax:605-455-6116

Email: cfisher@olc.edu

Pine Ridge Head Start Site Supervisor

Dallas Nelson

Phone:605-867-1155 Fax: 605-867-5735

Email: dnelson@olc.edu

Budget Manager

Joseph Bush

Phone: 605-455-6115 Fax:605-455-6116

Email: jbush@olc.edu

Enrollment Manager

Daverine Elk

Phone:605-455-6119 Fax: 605-455-6116

Email: delk@olc.edu

Family Services Coordinator
Danette Martinez

Phone:605-455-6127 Fax: 605-455-6116

Email: dmartinez@olc.edu

Nutrition Manager

Jennifer Her Many Horses

Phone:605-455-6095 Fax:605-455-2787

Email: jmorgan@olc.edu

Personnel Director

Faith Richards

Phone:605-455-6029 Fax:605-455-6050

Email: frichards@olc.edu

Health/Mental Health Coordinator

Angela Ware

Phone:605-455-6118 Fax:605-455-6116

Email: aware@olc.edu

Monitoring Assistant

Lorilei Janis

Phone:605-455-6125 Fax:605-455-6116

Email: ljanis@olc.edu

Administrative Assistant

Dorothy Thunder Bull

Phone:605-455-6114 Fax:605-455-6116

Email: dthunderbull@olc.edu

Transportation and Facilities Asistant

Jeremy Elk

Phone:605-867-2985 Fax:605-867-6200

Email: jelk@olc.edu

Transportation and Facilities Manager

James "Tony" Ward

Phone:605-867-2985 Fax:605-455-6200

Email: tward@olc.edu



Head Start Application Forms

Prenatals doc |pdf

Students doc | pdf

Employment doc | pdf

Maintenance and Transportation Forms

Transportation Work Order doc | pdf

Maintenace Work Order doc | pdf

Contact Us

P.O. Box 490
490 Piya Wiconi Road
Kyle, SD 57752
Phone: 605-455-6114
Fax: 605-455-6116
Email: dthunderbull@olc.edu